The Technology

The Technology

PSE’s new products bring the cost of predictive maintenance of mid-range industrial equipment—long unavailable for many would-be users—down to an affordable level.  The new instrumentation can be easily mounted on targeted equipment. PSE technology wirelessly transfers measurement results to remote monitoring and diagnostics servers.  From there, authorized users can access results and recommendations via e-mail or SMS messages. The implementation of PSE products revolutionizes the maintenance of industrial and commercial equipment; the potential market is vast and untapped

The Advantages of PSE Technological platform:

Though targeted to different market segments, PSE diagnostics instrumentation is based on a unified innovative technological platform, which includes:

·         Industry proved Electrical Motor Phase Angle Diagnostics – E.M.P.A.D (USA Patent). This technology is extremely effective for low speed production equipment used in the chemical and paper industry and difficult to access equipment such as power station cooling pumps, underground pumps, oil and water exploration equipment, etc. EMPAD utilizes the equipment’s own motor as a tool for monitoring and diagnostics.

·         Control Loop Feedback Diagnostics technology represents a triumph in maintaining industrial robots. For the first time, it is possible to monitor robots while the equipment remains on-line. This technology uses data available from robot control systems and does not require any additional instrumentation within the robot.

·         PSE’s enhancements of Acoustical Emission (Ultrasonic) Diagnostics technology is indispensable for accurate detection of deteriorations in high voltage equipment such as transformers, switches, etc, as well as mechanical equipment, such as gears and crushers. The patent application will be submitted post funding.

·         PSE’s proprietary wireless smart sensors are based on ZigBee transmitters, receivers and mesh network technology. This system is the future trend in modern wireless data communication. The sensors detect each other’s signals and organize connections between themselves. The patent application on the sensor design will be submitted post funding.

·         PSE’s proprietary software package (USA Patent pending) operates on remote monitoring and diagnostics servers to support long distance monitoring and diagnostics service for industrial equipment. This generic platform maintains a wide spectrum of proprietary signal processing functions. The trend analysis and real time pattern recognition software can automatically monitor equipment and indicate when a machine is about to fail.


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