Training Syllabus

User Training Seminar Syllabus


Following our Concept presentation we offer a 3 day training seminar. The agenda includes the following:

Introduction (1h)

1.       What is CRM?

2.       How can the CRM methodology improve business profitability

3.       CRM – a customer analysis case study.

Presenting the Benefit CRM Solution (2h)

1.       The Benefit CRM Solution: Architecture

2.       The Benefit CRM Solution: Software Requirements

3.       The Benefit CRM Solution: Deployment Options

4.       Getting to know the Benefit User Interface

1.       The Control Panel

2.       The Menu Bar

3.       The Tools Bar

5.       Getting to know the Benefit Web User Interface

The Benefit CRM Solution Deployment Strategy (1h)

1.       Planning – Creating the Implementation Plan

1.       Analyze Your Business Processes

2.       Determine Customization Needs and Data Import Requirements

3.       Identify Reporting Requirements

2.       Development

1.       Setting up hardware and installing software.

2.       Importing or migrating data.

3.       Customizing the application and the reporting features.

4.       Integrating The Benefit CRM Solution into existing systems.

3.       Deployment

4.       Post-Deployment

Record Management within the Benefit CRM Solution (12h)

1.       Modeling your Organization

1.       Setting initial System Settings (Language, Date and Time, Currency...)

2.       Creating Departments

3.       Creating User Accounts

4.       Creating Employee Records

5.       Setting User Rights and Permissions

2.       Customer record Management

1.       Setting initial Customer record settings

2.       What is a Customer Record?

3.       Creating Customer Records.

4.       Customer Record Properties

3.       Creating the Product Catalog / Inventory

1.       What is a Part Record?

2.       Creating Part Records

3.       Part Record Properties

4.       Serviced Equipment Management

1.       What is an Equipment Record?

2.       Setting initial Equipment Record settings

3.       Creating Equipment Records

4.       Equipment Record Properties

5.       Service Agreements

1.       What is an Agreement Record?

2.       Setting initial Agreement record settings

3.       Creating Agreement Records

4.       Agreement Record Properties

5.       Linking Serviced Equipment to Service Agreements

6.       Defining Projects in The Benefit CRM Solution

1.       What is a Project Record?

2.       Creating Project Records

3.       Project Record Properties

4.       Creating Project Mile stones – Task Records

5.       Diary Assignment  - Task Escalation

6.       Setting initial Diary settings

7.       Work Order Management

1.       What is a Work Order Record?

2.       Setting initial Work Order record settings

3.       Creating Work Order Records

4.       Work Order Record Properties

5.       Work Order Handling

6.       Linking Work Orders to Projects

  1. Sales and Marketing Management
    1. Setting initial Sales settings
    2. Setting Currency Rates
    3. Creating Price lists
    4. What are Quotes, Invoices and Delivery Notes?
    5. Creating Quotes, Invoices and Delivery Notes
    6. Properties of Quotes, Invoices and Delivery Notes
    7. Recording Marketing Calls
    8. Handling Marketing Calls
    9. Using the Contact Wizard
  2. Managing the Document Archive
    1. What is the Document Archive?
    2. File attachment throughout the Benefit system
    3. Setting Archive initial settings
  3.  Reporting and analyzing the Benefit CRM Database
    1. What is the Query Builder?
    2. What reports can be Built?
    3. Using the Report Builder
    4. Using the Document Builder

Customizing the Benefit CRM Solution (Sys Admins Only) (1h)

1.       What Customization options are supported?

2.       Renaming, Adding, Removing Data Field labels

3.       Modifying Drop-Down Values of Combo Boxes

4.       Setting Business Recommended and Required Data Fields

5.       Using the SDK Wizard.

Supporting the Benefit CRM Solution (Sys Admins Only) (2h)

6.       System Architecture Review

7.       Service Dependencies

8.       The Database Layer – MS Access / MS SQL 2000

  1. Security and Authentication

    10.    Back Up and Restore Procedures

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