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PredictiveOnLine System

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PredictiveOnLine, version 2.6; rotating machinery remote health-monitoring system is a suite of system components supporting implementation of various diagnostics technologies.

The system has been designed for many applications, include:

Motor phase angle

Vibration Sensor

Acoustical Emission.

Temperature and process parameters.

The list of main components follows:

1. Current sensors

Current sensors are based on the commercially available current transformers, with burden resistors. PredictiveOnLine applications can include a number of current transformer based sensors:

1. Split Core Current transformer based sensor Specifications:

a.       Model: Split Core CT

b.      Maximum Primary Current: 75 AAC

c.       Motor voltage: 440 V

d.      High secondary turns

e.       Wire lead: AWG #18

f.        Frequency 50/60 Hz

g.       Size: 40 X 21 X 25.4 mm

2. Toroid Core transformer based sensor Specifications:

a.      Model: Toroid Core CT

b.      Maximum Primary Current: 1000 AAC

c.       Maximum Motor voltage 2000 V

d.      High secondary turns

e.       Wire lead: Not limited

f.        Frequency 50/60 Hz

g.       Size: outside diameter: 90 mm

                                  3. Voltage sensors Specifications:

a.       Model: VS

b.      Primary voltage: 440; 220; 120 AAC

c.       Secondary voltage: 4 V

d.      Frequency 50/60 Hz

e.       Size: 85 X 65 x 90 mm

f.        Mounting: Rack mounted

g.       Location: Power transformer output

4. Vibration Sensors  Specifications:

Dynamic Type:

      Sensitivity:  100 mV/g

      Measurement Range   20g

      Mounted resonance     25kH

      Operating temperature  85C

      Mounting threat  ¼-2B UNF-28

      Case material  Stainless steel

                                 5. Signal Multiplexer Specifications:

a. Model: SM1

b. Voltage input: 4 V AC

c. Frequency 50/60 Hz

d. Size: 440 x 160 x 150 mm

e. Number of monitored machines: 8

f.  Input connector: 15 wire D-Type connectors

g. Output connector:  68 pin connector 

5.      Equipment Health Monitor Specifications:

a.             Model: DPU 1

b.            Voltage input: 4V AC

c.             Frequency 50/60 Hz

d.            Size: 500 x 420 x 170 mm

e.             Number of monitored machines: 8

f.              Machine Input: 15 wire D-Type connectors

g.              Signal Multiplexer  input: 68 pin connector

h.             Data output : Internet/LAN drop out connector


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