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Business Partner Program

Program Definition

The Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program has been designed to recognize your present investment and contribution to delivering The Benefit CRM Solution. BENEFIT CRM focuses on your ability to serve your customers and drive their business success, while developing your technology skills related to The Benefit CRM Solution.

Program Goals and Objectives

The objective of the Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program is to help customers create a sustainable business within the fast-growing CRM market; a business able to respond to the needs of their customers with clear technical expertise and cutting-edge solutions, augmented by services that add value. The Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program provides industry-leading dealers and distributors with the tools to help sell and deliver high-quality CRM solutions and applications based on The Benefit CRM Solution technology.

The Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program is a worldwide program for all solutions partners. Do you offer value-added services such as integration, consulting, software customization, application development, e-commerce solution development, Web and application hosting, technical training and support, or licensing services?

Enrollment is open for partners in all segments, including:

§         Consulting Services Providers

§         Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

§         Independent Hardware Vendors

§         Large Account Resellers

§         Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

§         Support Providers

§         System Integrators

§         System Builders

§         Training Providers

§         Value-added Resellers

§         Value-added Providers

Program Benefits Overview

One of the goals of the Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program is to provide a set of benefits that fits the needs of each individual solutions partner, regardless of that partner’s business size or focus. Just as each partner organization looks different, so do the tools required to conduct business. Therefore, the Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program builds relevance and value into all the tools and resources we provide to help you thrive in the market. You’ll find benefits and resources to support all stages of your business cycle by helping you to:

§         Plan your business - The tools and resources to help you grow and develop your business.

§         Build and maintain expertise - Assistance in building and maintaining expertise in your particular areas of specialization through training resources and access to The Benefit CRM Solution software for development, support, sales, and/or internal-use purposes.

§         Market and sell - Marketing activities to help you create demand and build sales around Benefit CRM Solution software launches and new marketing initiatives.

§         Provide service and support - The tools and services you need to aid in delivering customer satisfaction with The Benefit CRM Solution software.

§         Retain your customers - Tools to help you connect with and strengthen your customer relationships.


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