The Market

The Benefit Market.

The Benefit CRM Solution is tailored to match the needs and technical environment of each organization. The system may be deployed in a number of venues, with numerous customization options and possible system integration schemes (financial, Inventory or call centre software).

The following list describes some of the varied deployments utilizing Benefit CRM as an organizational management system :

1. Companies providing maintenance for:

  • Large Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Mobile Phones
  • Hotels
  • Oil Refinery equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Computers
  • Power Station equipment

2. Call Centres

  • Call Centre Management System
  • Telemarketing Tracing System

3. Marketing and Sales Departments

  • Marketing and Sales management

4. Service companies

  • Service management for electronic equipment
  • Tow-away car management
  • Service lab management
  • Customer management system for solicitors

5. Software development companies

  • Software development management system
  • Software “bug” repair management system

6. Installation companies

  • Installation management system for medical equipment
  • Installation management system for communication equipment
  • Equipment location management (for large plants)
  • Installation management system for large building projects

7. Manufacturing companies

  • Order management
  • Customer Service departments
  • Management  tool

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