Benefit Features

The Benefit Features

Some of the Benefit CRM solution features include:


        Record of customer calls and linking calls to contacts, products and serviced equipment

        Record of all interactions with customers

        Detailed description of customer and contacts using customizable data fields

        Definition of primary contact pers

on and method (Email, Phone, Letter...)

        Identification of customers according to affiliation groups (Industry, Revenue, etc.)

        Establishment of price lists according to affiliation groups and serviced equipment


The Benefit system incorporates:

        Quotations

        Orders

        Invoices

        (Pro forma, Tax, VAT)

        Delivery Notes

        Credit Invoices

        Receipts

Accessible from all Benefit Modules  

Customer Service:

         Define and describe serviced equipment – Serial numbers, manufacturer, and supplier. Pin point the location of the equipment at customers site

         Create service and guarantee agreements to serviced equipment. Define billing and support methods.

         Link customer, inventory and equipment records to form a complete customer service policy.

         Receive work orders regarding serviced equipment and bill according to the customer’s service agreement / project.

         Record entire customer service history and view in a single list view.


Product Catalogue and Inventory Management:

·         Create a detailed product catalogue outlining serial numbers (Manufacturer and Supplier), costs, rice and bar code.

·         Inventory management for every product in the catalogue – specifying storage location, quantities (On hand, On order) and reorder   min. level.

·         Record inventory additions and subtractions through a built in interface.


 Project Management:

        Define projects linked to customers, products and contact persons.

        Define project scope - Dates, Total Hours, Monthly hours, Budget

        Assign employees to the project and define tasks according to project needs

        Control user’s diaries to facilitate assignment of tasks to Employees / Departments.


Reporting and Analysis Tools:

             Query builder - Build complex report from the data entered to the Benefit database:


        Tabular reports - build from user selected tables and fields

        Grouping reports - select grouping and height separation or page break

        sum, count, average, last , first, max, min

        Ability to change fonts, colors and background format


        Report Generator - Build reports from a previously designed query


        Personalize your own reports

        Drag and drop toolbar for positioning objects on report:


        Ability to run a report directly from the record view (Customer, Equipment, Agreement) 

Document Archive

 Create a central repository for sales literature and service knowledge base. Attach any documents and media files directly to any of the following records:

        Customer

        Work Order

        Projects

        Inventory

        Service Agreements

        Marketing

 Smart search for specific attachments in archive

Diary Assignment

 Ability to assign:

  • Floated work orders, equipment work orders or project work orders
  • Invoices, transport certificates and orders
  • Marketing appointment and telemarketing
  • Notes
  • Flexible daily and weekly diary for single employee
  • Daily diary for all employees (or the selected ones)
  • Interactive diary: pops up the relevant window on double click


   Supports external systems :

        Outlook

        Palm pilot

        Word and excel

        Email and fax

Work Order

Automatically alerts to expired agreement or required preventive maintenance 

  • Opens floated work order or base on spare parts, equipment, agreement or invoice
  • Opens work order by E-Mail with out external help desk
  • Help Desk
  • Opens task from customer, project or equipment
  • Ability to assign save work order to daily or weekly diary
  • Automatically write customers and/or contacts by entering the serial number of the equipment
  • Tips and solution tree for work order description
  • Catalogue work orders and work order processes by serial number or customer code
  • Preventative maintenance for equipment (all kind of cycles)
  • Manage exceptional work orders by time forecast
  • Send work orders by SMS
  • Create documents automatically in finance software (quotation, invoice, order, shipment certificate and parts per warehouse)
  • Ability to attach all documents 


  • Project Code and description
  • Employee in charge
  • Status
  • Contacts
  • Over all hours for project
  • Alert on exceeding hours per month
  • Opening work order regarding project
  • Hour bank managing
  • Managing hours for customer and employees
  • Ability to attach all documents

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