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Energy Saving Group

VINTEC Knowledge Ltd. (VINTEC) is a private Israeli company specializing in saving energy in the area of industrial and commercial lighting, particularly high usage facilities.

VINTEC is committed to a market-oriented philosophy that seeks to assist customers eliminate unnecessary wastage, reduce energy consumption and save costs. No matter who the supplier, no matter what the kWh tariff, VINTEC. aims to save 20% - and more usually around 25% - on your company’s electricity bill by reducing consumption of electricity in discharge lighting.  These savings are gained by incorporating a unique device, the Energy controller (EC)

These savings are realized by recovering the difference between the voltage required to operate discharge bulbs and the higher amount of voltage delivered to the discharge lamps from the electrical utility companies.

Background to the Market

In recent years there has been increased emphasis by the private and public sectors to cut energy costs, and the Government has called for greater attention to the environmental issues of carbon emission levels.  The economic and political conditions are therefore favourable for a company devoted to promoting energy saving.  Moreover, throughout the world there is a greater awareness by consumers that energy saving makes financial and ecological sense.  Following the lead taken in Europe, this sphere will soon become one of rapid growth and development throughout the world.

Those who are already in the market as it takes off stand the greatest chance to benefit as the market grows.  This has already happened in Europe. VINTEC possesses proven technology to achieve a 25% or more saving on electricity bills, and a 40% or more saving on maintenance costs, for major non-domestic customers.  Although VINTEC promotes cost savings as our major selling point, we also want our customers to know that our equipment is superior to that of our competitors.  In short, the non-domestic sector now offers VINTEC a significant opportunity for successful entry.

VINTEC  has authorized distributors in the UK, Portugal, Holland, Malta, South Africa.  

Customers’ needs and VINTEC Solution

On the surface it appears that VINTEC is selling equipment, but we are actually selling the means to eliminate waste – to achieve savings of energy and resources, and therefore savings of money. No matter who the supplier, no matter what the kWh tariff, our Energy Controllers save a minimum of 20% - 25% - on the electricity bill by reducing the consumption of electricity.

Our Energy controller utilizes our proprietary magnetic technology to achieve these energy savings. The nominal voltage supplied by the electricity companies in Europe is 207-253v. (230v-/+10%).  Since lamps are produced to work optimally in 207v, supplying them with voltage above this provides no benefits, but rather creates higher maintenance costs and shorter lamp life.  Costly electricity is wasted, and at the same time the potential life of the bulb is substantially shortened.  Several other companies have tried to solve this problem using different technologies, but for the most part their products are far larger and heavier than ours, as well as being noticeably more expensive and less efficient and reliable.

VINTEC is concentrating on discharge lights, which are used for public lighting and industrial and business facilities. We are focusing on discharge lamps since they have the largest share in lighting energy consumption.  Considerable energy saving, as well as cost savings, is gained by using our Energy Controller, allowing our customers to achieve environmental as well as economic benefits.

What is the Energy Controller?

Our Energy Controller technology is based on inducing the unnecessary voltage, to produce transformed energy to control the output voltage. Microprocessor controllers enable the units to make step changes in the demand voltage after the initial start-up phase.Energy savings of 25 per cent typically result from the difference between the supplied voltage and the required one.  By not wasting unnecessary voltage, the customer is able to make significant cost savings in electrical consumption regardless of supplier and regardless of price per kWh.  In addition, saving energy on this scale makes a significant contribution in the battle to reduce emissions of harmful carbon dioxide.

VINTEC Energy Controllers offer a complete energy solution to all applications from the smallest to the largest (1A-220A), covering street lighting, parking places, hospitals, gas stations, offices, shopping centers and hotels.


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