Case Study

Case Study

The following is a partial list of implementation installed during the last two years.


1.      Wind farm diagnostics system: The first installation for the stand-alone turbine was completed, at  EUI’s Wind farm in Palm Springs, CA, USA. The system based on mesh diagnostics net. This low cost monitoring system will comprise of wireless data acquisition instrumentation, configured into the mesh network, wind farm base station, and remote diagnostics server.

2.      Industrial robot fault diagnostics system. PSE submitted a R&D report to General Motors. GM has accepted our proposal. The next stage is development of a production floor monitoring system. This will be done post funding. Fanuc, the main manufacturer of industrial robots, only advertises on site robot inspections.

3.      Iwakuni, Japan. Our technology is more effective for low speed equipment monitoring than vibration analysis. Presently, PSE is getting ready to implement the second phase of testing of its technology in Iwakuni, Japan, a subsidiary of Mithsui Chemical plants.

4.      Carmel Olefins Israel, our technical team has installed the remote monitoring and diagnostics for the stirring reactor on the polyethylene production line at Carmel Olefins, leading Israeli manufacturer of petrochemical products.

5.      Falconbridge Mining Inc, which owns mining enterprises in the north of Canada,

6.      ARG (American Refining group) Pennsylvania Refineries. Installation for oil pumps.

7.      Philadelphia Mixing Solutions (Hershey, PA) Built-in diagnostic monitoring systems for mixers.

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