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The Benefit CRM solution helps small to mid-market businesses build profitable customer relationships. Integrated Sales and Customer Service modules enable employees to share information, improve sales success and deliver consistent, efficient customer service.

The Benefit CRM solution is a client / server application for managing, analyzing and enforcing business rules and procedures controlling the organizations sales, service and marketing interactions with its customers. Easy to deploy, customize and use, accessible from the Web and from a native Win32 client.

The Sales and Customer Service features include: Marketing tools, asset & inventory management,
a detailed customer history, service agreements, and a searchable knowledge base.

The Benefit CRM solution incorporates reporting tools for accurate forecasting, measurement of business activity and employee performance.

Some of Benefit CRM’s real benefits:

• Increase sales and improve customer service.

• Build a well-organized internal operations system, integrate cross-departmental strategies, increase overall organizational efficiency and productivity.

• Schedule and track tasks, send e-mail, and keep detailed notes and history for each business record.

• Accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and employee performance Analyze business  performance.

• Short pay back

• Low cost to deploy

• Low cost of ownership

Easy to use.

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