CRM Solution Partner

Partner Profile

§         Experience of at least 5 years as a software / hardware reseller, IT solution provider, IT support provider company.

§         Annual turnover of at least 5 million Euros.

§         Experience in selling and supporting Microsoft technologies: Windows OS, MS SQL Server, MS Office.

§         Experience in selling and supporting CRM solutions (recommended)

Why You Should Join the Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program

Consider joining the program if:

§         You would like to expand your current business and reach new markets and new customers.

§         Your company provides services, develops solutions, or distributes software. Services may include, but are not limited to, consulting, implementation, training, custom application development, software migration, application architecture design, systems integration, e-commerce solution development, web and application hosting, or maintenance and support. Solutions may include both hardware and software solutions.

§         You would like to receive sales and marketing resources and tools that will help you to support your customers and expand your business.

§         You would like to receive many of the same resources and tools that The Benefit CRM Solution's own technical managers have access to, such as development and testing licenses, internal and marketing use licenses, beta software, training licenses, and savings on product support services.

§         You would like to receive customer referrals from The Benefit CRM Solution and participate in the worldwide The Benefit CRM Solution Partner Program community.

§         You would like customers to recognize you as a proven Benefit CRM Solution provider.

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