About Us

About us

Vintec Knowledge Ltd. Is an Israeli based private company with a worldwide track record for supplying innovative, proven technology.

Vintec Knowledge specializes in the following technologies:

  • Light & Power Energy Saving
  • C.R.M software package and applications
  • Predictive and diagnostic systems for electrical rotating machines  

Vintec Knowledge participates in product development. Vintec and its European distributors and business partners have developed local markets in Europe, South Africa and North America.

Currently, Vintec has business partners in six countries including South Africa.

Company Activities

In order to develop world wide markets our devoted team specializes in the following activities:

  • Managing product development
  • Determining appropriate technologies
  • Collaboration with development partners
  • Conducting local market analysis
  • Appointing regional dealers, distributors and applicators
  • Managing sales and marketing

Technologies and Products

Energy Optimizers

Optimizer controllers will save between 15% -35% of the energy your company uses on lighting and a maximum of 10% on power.

Energy savings are gained through reducing the normal voltage supply to as low as 207 volts for light and 220V for power.

Optimisers are easy to install and almost no service is required.

For further information please visit our web site at  www.les-int.co.uk

CRM Software package Benefit++

Benefit++ CRM (Customer Relationship Management) includes applications for all aspects of interaction between your company and your customers.

CRM assists any enterprise to manage customer relationships in an organized way.

      BENEFIT ++ is an advanced windows based CRM software tool

      BENEFIT ++ focuses on service and sales oriented businesses

      BENEFIT++ provides off-the-shelf resource management

      BENEFIT++ fully integrates with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange Server, as well as other leading ERP and accounts programs.

      BENEFIT ++ enables the end-user to work with a single interface, to send emails, faxes, and SMS, import and export files, and seamlessly links all relevant documents. 

For further information please visit our Benefit section

Predictive & Diagnostics Systems

PDS technology reliably predicts failure in rotating industrial and commercial equipment. With our partner PSE, we have developed a complete computerized system for the maintenance of industrial and commercial equipment, software and service. PDS allows companies to predict with accuracy when and where their industrial machines will fail as they monitor their operations over the Internet. The proprietary technology utilizes an innovative - remote online monitoring system. Users can monitor several machines from a single central location. Our unique technology makes us a leader in the field of diagnostic monitoring and preventive maintenance.

The system performs three vital functions:

  • Incipient detection of equipment
  • Monitors the development of the problem area
  • Advises the operator when corrective maintenance action must be taken

The system Benefits:

Reduction of:

  • Plant shutdowns
  • Equipment downtime
  • Maintenance costs
  • Insurance costs 

For further information please contact:

Jacob Nuriel CEO

Managing director 
Vintec Knowledge Ltd.

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