System Implementation

The Advanced Guard Plan—Implementation

Vintec Knowledge offer the following implementation program:

Our technical team will install PredictiveOnLine in your facility and monitor up to eight assets of your choice. An “asset” is considered to be the combination of an electric motor and the equipment it powers. This could be anything from a pump to a compressor to an agitator.  Establishing a PSE installation at your company is a relatively simple process that begins with a technical questionnaire and a site visit involving the following steps:


1.    Technical On-Site Seurvey (free 0f Charge)

Our Technical Team will recommend the appropriate PSE Sensors, based on the specific type of asset(s) to be monitored. During this visit, our team will set up a Notification Protocol which names a contact person at your company and the best method to reach him or her in the event a technical anomaly is discovered.


2.      Installation

Following the review process our Technical Team will return to the site to install the various sensors on the assets, determine a location for the DPU (Data Process Unit), and establish an Internet connection.


3.      Begin Monitoring

From one or both of our remote PSE Internet Monitoring Centers, PSE Signal Analysts will then begin to track all of the telemetry generated by the sensors that have been installed on your equipment.


4.      Establishing Technical Baselines

Immediately, the DPU will start building a baseline of information to establish the normal operating parameters of the asset(s). Then the DPU will begin to watch for any anomalies. This monitoring will continue on a 24/7 basis for the duration of the test.


5.      Sharing of Technical Information

The initial technical information PSE gathers will be shared with your engineering staff. At the end of the PSE Advanced Guard Plan, a complete Predictive Systems Asset Monitoring Report—including baseline data, normal operating parameters, and printouts of any anomalies that occurred during the test—will be supplied to you by the PSE Technical Team .(Of course, if PredictiveOnLine notices any anomalies during the test itself, your staff will be notified of it immediately.)


6.      Project Evaluation and Expansion

Our technical team will conclude the implementation process with an evaluation outlining an expanded PSE Enterprise Monitoring Program.  Our program can provide monitoring services for your company’s assets in a single factory or system-wide.

Pricing for your PredictiveOnLine Pilot Program can be quoted after free of charge site survey.



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